As well as helping UK clients find suitable mortgage solutions, we also provide our expert services in helping foreign nationals planning to move to the UK or capitalise in the UK real estate market.
With Intra Mortgage Solutions, it is possible to have a mortgage as an Ex-Pat or a Foreign National, buying or remortgaging in the UK.

We pride ourselves as one of the industry leaders in this field. With the lvel of expertise and contacts in this part of the mortgage market, we have become a trusted source when it comes to specialist as well as boutique lenders alike. Whether our clients are preparing to move back to the UK or thinking about purchasing an investment property, we approach every enquiry on its discrete merits.

Securing a mortgage from abroad can be a stressful and challenging task – even for parties who already own some properties. That’s why we ensure that every facet of our business and all of our services are delivered with the highest levels of empathy, efficiency, and clarity. We regularly work with Boutique Banks and Financial Institutions in developing new processes and products for our Foreign National clients. This part of the mortgage industry is challenging and needs careful planning, hence we have very good relationships which can often see cases move forward with minimal fuss.

Our incredible knowledge of UK expat and foreign national mortgages can help us secure the very best mortgage deal for our clients. Using our extensive list of partner lenders, we will search tirelessly to find the mortgage deal which best suits your budget and situation. Other Mortgage Services Offered by Intra Mortgage Solutions are: