We always carry out our initial review free of charge, however there maybe some instances where this may not apply. Your Intra Mortgage Solutions consultant will discuss and agree this with you prior to any meeting.


We may charge a fee for subsequently advising and arranging your mortgage for you. The fee amount will be dependent on the how complex your case is and your individual circumstance. The exact fee amount and the when this fee will be charged will always be agreed with you prior to beginning any work for you. Any Regulated mortgage will be illustrated in a Key Facts Illustration or a European Standard Information Sheet.


For example;

If the fee is 1% of the mortgage loan amount, payable on legal completion of your loan for residential loans and mortgages.  In instances where you borrow £200,000, the fee would be £2,000. The fee for commercial/business loans can be up to 2% payable on legal completion.