We are an expert specialist in large mortgages, and we regularly assist clients in purchasing some of the most expensive properties in London and across the UK. Once you have found yourself a suitable deal, we can help by looking at your eligibility criteria or find a better option for you by conducting a more personalised, detailed search.

Our service is bespoke to your needs, hence when buying a sizeable property which will require a large loan, we don’t just stop at mortgage selection from the High Street Lenders. There are a number of boutique and private banks in the UK which will accommodate Large Loans.

By choosing Intra Mortgage Solutions, our experts will help you analyse the market, recommend the best mortgage options based on a variety of criteria. Using multi currency incomes, or Incomes from other sources is a common place for large loan mortgages. Having flexible mortgage terms can be important to some clients, dependent on their situation. We can accommodate all of this through our expertise and industry knowledge.

So, if you’re a high net worth client looking for an arrangement of a large mortgage loan, we can help you save money and time, and our mortgage experts will manage your application from start to finish.